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It was 1995 and I was on a mission to find out why I wasn't compatible with the scrawny 14 year old boy from up the road. I was Virgo, he was Pisces – it should have been a match made in teenage heaven instead it was an epic disaster. My faithful astrology book said that Pisces and Virgo was a great match so WHY wasn't it happening?

The answer of course lay in the fact that he only had one Pisces planet in his entire birth chart, the majority of the rest of his chart was in Aries and Aries and Virgo – no dice. This would have been really helpful to know at the time but like most people I thought the sign you read in the paper was your only star sign. It never occurred to me that I had a sign in every astrology planet, or that these lived in different astrology houses and made astrology aspects to each other based on a special astrology chart from my date, time and place of birth.

Anyway, once I found that out I started learning, training and reading anything I could get my hands on. Eventually I progressed to reading birth and relationship charts for family and friends and then I started getting published in some of the local newspapers. Astrology with Nic was born and I’m on a one women crusade to help you read your birth and relationship charts so you don’t get your heart broken into like a million pieces by an Aries boy.

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