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Information on the Star Sign of Aquarius and the Aquarius Personality Traits



Most people think that because their sun sign (star sign) is Aquarius they will have all the personality traits of an Aquarius.  This is not true as everybody is a unique combination of different signs due to the fact that each planet was located in a different sign depending on your date, place and time of birth. For example you may be an Aquarius Rising, with a Libra Sun Sign, a Gemini Moon sign and a Virgo Mars sign. While it is possible to have a lot of your astrology planets located in one sign, most people will be a blend of the different star sign combinations. On the following page you will discover what it means to have the star sign of Aquarius in each of the planets.



Aquarius Rising/Ascendant

With Aquarius as your rising sign you are loyal, inventive, independent and rebellious. You may be impossible to predict but make and excellent friend and networker who has a good prospective and is friendly and interested in what others have to say. An Aquarius rising sign suggests you love and need freedom and value your privacy. When it comes to romance Aqurius is often attracted to partners who are a little different in some way. Although you prefer not to get involved with people on a deep level, you are still a social star sign. If somebody offends you, the cold shoulder will be your most likely response.



Aquarius Sun Sign

This astrology placement suggests you have an unconventional personality and are friendly and fair but sometimes difficult to understand. An Aquarius sun sign is not an emotional placement. It’s possible you are original with a live and let life attitude to life. You may find it more difficult to fall in love than other star signs. It may also take you longer than most to find your ideal job. When it comes to money the Aqurius star sign has a tendency to go over budget and when it comes to your health issues with your ankles and circulatory system is the norm. You may have issues relating to lovers and friends. Aquarius is sometimes prone to risky financial decisions.



Aquarius Moon

An Aquarius Moon suggests you have a magnetic appeal to others but that emotionally, you prefer not to get too close to others. You have the ability to shock others, sometimes just for the fun of it. Your mind is very original and you have enough confidence to get by. Other star signs see Aquarius as cool, calm and collected. You should find it easy to attract love partners. Aqurius is often seen as distant and reserved but friendly at the same time. Sometimes people with an Aquarius Moon are attracted to unavailable people



Aquarius Venus

An Aqurius Venus suggests friendship is an important factor in any romantic relationship for you. You may be attracted to unusual partners. You need a certain amount of freedom when it comes to relationships and it may be difficult for potential partners to completely capture your heart. Others see Aquarius Venus as inspirational and unorthodox. Erratic spending patterns are noted for those of you with an Aquarius Venus.



Aquarius Mercury

Those of you with an Aquarius Mercury are observant and don’t miss anything. Your ideas are abstract and hard for others to follow. You tend to take the scientific approach to problem solving if you have an Aquarius Mercury star sign. Relationships with co-workers are likely to be friendly, clever and open to new ideas.



Aquarius Mars

This is a great astrology placement that suggests you are open to new ideas and not afraid to experiment. People with an Aquarius Mars star sign are future orientated with a good moral compass, but with a strong need for professional freedom. You can be stubborn and although you have good concentration you may be prone to nervous tension or stress with this astrology placement.



Aquarius Jupiter

People with an Aqurius Jupiter are tolerant yet unpredictable. You may be stubborn but you place high value on other people and are innovative and open minded. The Aquarius Jupiter person has good mental energy and great leadership qualities. You make an excellent friend and are open to others ideas; however you may be easily bored.



Aquarius Saturn

An Aqurius Saturn indicates you like to be the boss when it comes to work. You are friendly, yet disciplined with good ideas and strong values. You are helpful towards others and when it comes to problem solving you will always take the rational approach. You may keep certain aspects of your personality hidden from others.



You will also have a Pluto, Uranus and Neptune sign however as these planets are generational star sign influences and not individual, they will not be interpreted here. I hope you have found this post on Aquarius Personality Traits useful.

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